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We are theater artists and friends who were looking for an artistic home where our voices were heard; where we could build upon our creative strengths and explore new ideas without needing permission. We were looking for a place where we could collaborate with each other and make something magical.



Whenever our founder meets with her Grandfather, they do they same thing. They recite their favorite poems, “The Walrus and the Carpenter” and “The Jabberwocky,” together. These nonsense poems by Lewis Carroll delight her and her Grandfather alike. After all of his 86 years, her Grandfather still recalls and loves these silly little stories. Theater is stories. Theater is the soul of memory.


“If the theatre were a verb, it would be ‘to remember.’" – Anne Bogart


Much like those poems, WiseFish wants to create theater that has a visceral, immediate meaning without worrying too much about realism. We want the truth, not necessarily the reality.  We want to remember. We want to recognize that life is a glorious game of nonsense, and that we create our own meanings. This quote summed it up nicely:

“No wise fish would go anywhere without a porpoise.” – Lewis Carroll

Edit: Wise Fish is shocked and saddened by the state of our nation. Especially in this hostile atmosphere, WiseFish would like to emphasize that we welcome artists of all races, religions, nationalities, creeds, genders, and sexualities. If your story is not being told, get in touch so we can tell it. Through art, we build bridges, not walls. Through art, we #resist. 


Wise Fish Theater Collective

Cast of "Six Characters in Search of an Author" 2017

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