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Wise Fish Night Fish, A Reading Series

Wise Fish hosts a monthly reading series for new and emerging playwrights. We strive to foster community, support new work, and, most importantly, support playwrights. 

Currently Featured Playwrights:

Tip by Maya Ortega (dir. Mark Kopas)

Rukundo by Jesse Hawkes (dir. Martina Bonolis)


The Triple Crown Ale House;

Irish Pub and Restaurant;

330 7th Ave, New York, 10001

This month's date/time TBD

Please join us for a night of theater, food, friends, fun and maybe a drink or 5! Admission to the readings are $10. Discounted selective draft beers available at the bar. Audience feedback encouraged! Come and help a great play become even greater!

Past Playwrights:

Tyler Rivenbark (The Ostrich)

Jack Gilbert (Mea Culpa)

Enrique Huilli (Leurana)

Monica Trausch (Border Crossing)

Jake Arky (The Ruby Goldberg Definition of Success) 


Interested in becoming a featuring playwright? Please submit plays to with your name and

"Night Fish" in the subject line.

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